Benefits of regular facials

So we know they work… everyone gets them… but how, when and why are regular facials so beneficial to skin care?

The list is extensive but I will try stick to the basics.

Firstly, it is important to mention your at home skin care routine is also important, you don’t want to spend money on a professional facial if you are not maintaining the effort put in on your visits.

Hand goes up in the crowd* How often should we be getting professional facials? Monthly is ideal, every 2 months is decent, seasonally also works. Anything less of course offers a great boost but for the best results monthly facials are best.

So what can you expect from frequent facials?

Reduction in black heads from extraction and unclogging pores. Therefore less breakouts, clearer looking skin. Tightening of pores to enhance a smooth appearance and makeup application.

Younger looking, more youthful glow can be expected from removal of dead skin cells, allowing newer cells to appear.

Your skin is your biggest organ in/ on the human body. Our SA climate is unique, so protect your skin by giving it the nutrients it requires. An even tone and moisturized soft skin can be expected from giving your skin the right nutrients it is craving.

A healthy, rejuvenated, revitalized and refreshed look is always helpful considering our everyday stressors;) Gorgeous skin can leave you feeling lovely and confident, so you can put your best foot forward everyday.

Come on, pop in and let us make you feel lovely!