hi lovely.


What services do I offer and how much do I charge?

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So you want to come visit, GREAT. How do you book or enquire?

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So who are we?

Hi lovely! I am Faye. I am the founder of this little self care bar. Most people visit a beauty bar to look a certain way. I want you to visit ‘hi lovely’ to feel a certain way. I am in the business of self care, skin care and reminding you that you also need to full your cup every now and then. No more excuses. You deserve this. Come pop in for a visit, catch up and let me make you feel lovely. I cannot wait to see you soon!

So, how much are services?


You deserve to feel lovely and my rates reflect the value of how my service will benefit you but I have tried to adapt my offering to suit your budget. So have a look and pick your preference.


We offer 60 and 30 minute options based on your time and budget available. Our 45min treatments can be adjusted but this duration will ensure best results. Please chat to me if you have a different budget or idea in mind- I would love to find an option that will work for you.

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An investment

Stop. Breathe. Take a few minutes to full your cup so you can be your best for the people and loved ones around you. You deserve this and so do they. It is not selfish. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is just relax. It is not about giving the world what is left of you, but about giving it the best of you.

First time clients

If it is your first time visiting us, you will receive 30% off your treatments for that visit. This unfortunately will not apply to any specials, but I want to encourage you to come visit and have the chance to see if my ‘style’ suits yours. Super excited to meet you and make you feel lovely.

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Refer a buddy

There is nothing better than word of mouth referrals. So if you loved your treatment, please tell others. And if those ‘others’ end up coming in for a visit, you will get a little extra treat on your next appointment. They win, you win, we all win. So please tell your mom, dad, neighbor, bestie, mom in law or even the cats aunt.

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How do you contact me?

Phone call, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Instagram direct message, Facebook messenger, smoke signals, whatever is easiest for you, just reach out. Let’s chit chat and make you feel lovely!

You deserve to feel lovely

Benefits of regular facials

How often should you be getting facials? What other regular skin care routines can you be following? And what are the benefits?

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Best practice for after a massage

The dos and don’t for what to do post your relaxing massage.

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